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New Mexico Music video shoot

Marie Elodie, a captivating singer-songwriter, seamlessly combines music and language, crafting an artistic tapestry that resonates worldwide. With her warm and friendly nature, she effortlessly connects with listeners, inviting them into her personal musical landscape. Her unique style is influenced by her diverse life experiences in Europe and America, creating a sound that is truly original.
Marie faced challenges in her journey to musical expression. Growing up in Austria, she experienced a rare condition that temporarily prevented her from speaking. This obstacle led her to explore alternative means of communication, and she found solace and liberation in singing. Through her voice, she not only regained her ability to express herself but also discovered a deep connection to her emotions. Today, her music career thrives with energy, determination, and confidence as she shares her sound from her Berlin studio.
As an independent artist, Marie Elodie excels in multiple roles in her music production. She is not only a talented singer but also showcases her instrumental skills, shaping her music exactly as she envisions. Through her songwriting, she explores various themes, from environmental issues in "Wildflower" to cheerful pop collaborations with Mexican band, Cherry Blossom Season. 

These diverse collaborations have taken her across the United States, Mexico, and Europe, inspiring her recent compositions.Marie's current artistic transformation, evident in her new single "New Mexico," seamlessly blends the introspective hypnotic beauty of German electronic music with the soulful essence of modern Americana. This project tells a captivating tale of love and heartbreak transcending continents, weaving together the musical elements she has gathered throughout her remarkable journey.She is a testament t o the power of artistic expression, fearlessly embracing her identity as a female artist who celebrates her creative autonomy. Marie masterfully produces her own music, plays multiple instruments, and enchants audiences with her alluring voice.With her musical adventure still unfolding, Marie Elodie holds boundless potential. As she continues to gain experience in the world of music, the future promises to define her artistic legacy. One listen to her music confirms the magic in the making. She paves a beautiful path of music for the wandering mind, heart, and soul.

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